Certify Your Employees Online

We have many online courses to choose from.
Project Management
  • Agile
  • PMP
Information Technology
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • CompTIA
  • Cyber Security
  • Web/Software Development
  • Cloud Management
Business Skills
  • Lean Sigma Quality Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Executive Strategy
  • Customer Service
Office Productivity
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office Suite - Word, Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • PowerPoint

Increase Company Knowledge Transfer

Create customized training programs for your employees so they can develop the hard and soft skills required to grow in their career. Since these programs are customized, you are able to develop curriculum around your company culture. Do not just screen for the right candidate, cultivate the right candidate.

Increase Employee Retention

Unemployment continues to remain low which means it is more difficult to capture decent talent. Through your training programs, you allow your employees to see true growth potential with the company, and it also shows the employee the company cares about their future. Increase retention by showing your employees why they need to stay.
The new program has increased our employee retention. The skills they learn in class help our technicians gain a better understanding of the systems and solutions they need to help work through the barriers they encounter out in the field.

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Increase Efficiency

We offer multiple employer values in our grant funded initiatives:

  • The program is of no cost to yourself
  • Learning Management capability where you can structure your training around an online learning environment
  • For every veteran you put through your program, you are able to have one civilian participant - train more of your work force!
  • National Certifications - Students may be eligible for a test voucher for a certification of their choosing

Certified Employees

There are some programs that come with nationally recognized certifications (PMP - Project Management, for example). Employees who are in the program are able to receive a free voucher to take the certification exam within their specific course choice. Give your employees true growth potential!
We would definitely recommend Learning Alliance to other businesses. They have been instrumental in the development of our technicians and we are lucky to be their partner.

Jill Williams Knight Enterprises, Inc.