Interested in a Tower Technician Career? 

Our program gets you certified in climbing and connects you with multiple employer
interviews in the industry! Learn, graduate then get to work! 95% of our students are
employed after are program. Are you ready to take the climb?

Talk with a Recruiter!

Talk with a Recruiter!

Learning Alliance Tower Program

The program offers you the opportunity to gain 6 industry certifications that are necessary for you to get a job as a Tower Technician. Once you have those certifications, you are considered a highly valuable potential employee. This program is designed with hands on practice in mind. You won't just be learning from a book, you will be on the Tower, climbing 100 ft. You will be utilizing the tools you will see out in the field. If you love to work with your hands, this is for you!

Job Openings
Job Openings

Thousands of Tower Climber opportunities available today!

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Learn the Trade
Begin the program and start to obtain the necessary skills required to perform the job.
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Cert Checklist
Earn certs during the program that will qualify you for industry specific positions.
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Interview with employers in your chosen industry and geographic area to obtain a job.
Evolve your skills constantly on the job and progress in your career. 

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Our Students

The Learning Alliance Corporation was a great help in me finding my 1st job here in FL after moving from NJ. I really can't see how my experiance could have been any better.
Robert Johnson
Telecommunications Program
Less theory, had a lot of hands on/break out sessions to apply what we learned..
Angel Roman
Project Management Fundamentals
Well structured and relevant. The training was very enjoyable. 
David Valencia

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